Thursday, September 2, 2010

Our 1st Week of Centers

We successfully completed our very first week of centers!!!  Everyone caught on very quickly to the new morning routine.  Each day we did two 20-minute center rotations before our morning recess and then came back in and did two more 20-minute rotations before lunch.  During this time every child got to go to two centers with their partner,  a job at their desk and come to the guided reading table to do an activity with me.  It’s been fun working with the kids in small groups. 

Here’s a {sneak} peek of all the fun color themed activities we did this week.

We stamped and wrote our color words.DSCN2016

We listened to a few “Back to School” stories at the listening center.DSCN2009

We used the mini laptops to play games on one of our favorite websites {}.DSCN2008DSCN2013








We practiced our patterning skills by creating colorful {AB, ABC, AAB, ABB} patterns.DSCN2011DSCN2037












We sorted pictures by color and then recorded each word on our worksheet.  We tried to use all lowercase letters and form our letters correctly using the lines and spaces.

We unscrambled our color words and then wrote them neatly.  We also colored a crayon to match each color word. DSCN2031 DSCN2035

We sorted a bag full of crayons by color and graphed how many of each we had.

We made a crayon box art project by coloring each crayon to match the color word.DSCN2028

On Monday and Tuesday we unscrambled  sentences during guided reading that had many of our kindergarten sight words and color words in them.  Then we wrote each sentence.  We really worked hard on beginning each sentence with a capital letter and ending it with a period.DSCN2017

We also practiced identifying pairs of rhyming words and reviewed our color “lightning words”.  We  even read books that reviewed many of our kindergarten sight words.  Everyone did a great job bringing back their reading folders each day!!! 

We also worked independently on several desk work jobs during the week.  On Monday we made a class book about our favorite color.  On Tuesday we made a book called I See Colors.  We glued a sentence on each page about one of our color words and then colored a picture to go with it. DSCN2014DSCN2012DSCN2010

On Wednesday we practiced sound spelling words using all lowercase letters to finish each color word sentence.DSCN2024DSCN2023DSCN2018On Thursday we sorted a bag of Froot Loops by color and graphed how many we had.  Then we used our graph to determine which color we had the most of and which color we had the least of.  DSCN2027 DSCN2029DSCN2034 DSCN2030  DSCN2036 As you can see it’s been a very busy week in 1st grade.  Thank you so much to all of the moms who volunteered each day during center time.  Without your help we wouldn’t be able to get nearly as much done or have pictures to share!!!

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Mrs McKenzie and class B4 said...

Wow Grade 1
It looks as though you are really settling into your classroom routines very well, and you are getting to do some great learning activities.
Now that you are finishing your colour activities we are looking forward to seeing what you will be doing next!
from B4