Sunday, August 29, 2010

Black, White, Gray & Brown Days

We spent the last two days of the week working hard in first grade trying to finish up our final few colors.  Thursday was a day full of opposites.  We read several books about opposites and brainstormed a list of all the pairs of opposites we could think of.DSCN1905    

Then we made a book of our own about opposites and illustrated it.  While we were working we enjoyed a yummy black & white treat.

DSCN1906DSCN1927DSCN1944DSCN1918DSCN1921  DSCN1947

We also read Harry The Dirty Dog by Gene Zion and Margaret Bloy Graham.  In the story Harry was a white dog with black spots.  After running away from home to avoid taking a bath he got very dirty and turned into a black dog with white spots.  We made a dirty dog art project and wrote about how Harry got dirty in the story.DSCN1950 DSCN1948 

DSCN1949  DSCN1951 DSCN1952 DSCN1953 DSCN1954 

We also read a book called Ten Black Dots by Donald Crews.  Then we showed off our creativity by making a class book about the things we could make with One Black Line.DSCN1958DSCN1961DSCN1964DSCN1962DSCN1963

Friday was brown day and we read Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? by Bill Martin.  This story reviews all of the color words so it was a great way to wrap up our color days.  We worked hard on a brown bear art project that we hung in the hallway and we made a brown bear book of our own to bring home and share with our family.DSCN1968 DSCN1966  DSCN1969 DSCN1976DSCN1975 DSCN1979  DSCN1980DSCN1981  DSCN1984

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