Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine’s Day Party

On Friday afternoon we had our class Valentine’s Day party.   Everyone got to make their own bag or box at home to collect their Valentine’s treats in.  Here’s a little peek at all the creative boxes than began arriving earlier in the week!!!100_3252100_3230100_3229100_3231100_3232100_3233100_3234100_3235100_3237100_3236100_3239100_3238100_3241100_3240100_3243100_3242100_3245100_3244100_3248100_3246100_3250100_3249100_3251

We had so many special visitors in our room for the party as well.  Thank you so much to all of the parents who provided all of the yummy treats and supplies.  We had such a “sweet” party!!!100_3263100_3264 100_3266 100_3284100_3271100_3269 100_3270  100_3272 100_3273 100_3274100_3277100_3259100_3258 100_3260100_3262100_3261100_3267100_3265100_3281100_3268

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