Saturday, February 20, 2010

President’s Day

Last week  we celebrated President’s Day and began a week long study about a few famous past presidents.  We began by learning about the 1st president of the United States.  We read several books about George Washington and recorded information about him in our very own President’s Day Book. George WashingtonWe even made some George Washington art projects.100_3306

On Wednesday we learned some fun facts about Abraham Lincoln and made an art project during center time.Abraham Lincoln

One of our favorite books  of the week was Abe Lincoln’s Hat.  It was all about how Abraham Lincoln kept important papers in his hat so he wouldn’t lose them.  We even got our own copy of an important speech that President Lincoln gave {The Gettysburg Address} and put it in a special pocket on the back of his hat.

100_3359100_3358100_3361At At the end of the week we learned about our current president and talked about the qualities a president should have {honesty, bravery, hard worker}.   We also learned about some of our countries symbols.    Barack Obama100_3391 100_3389 100_3362 100_3365 100_3394100_3385

During center time we practiced several of our 3rd quarter skills while we continued to learn about past presidents.  We put president’s names in ABC order.100_3309 We unscrambled sentences that were all facts about our country, symbols and presidents. We are all really working hard to begin each sentence with a capital letter and end it with the correct punctuation mark. 100_3376100_3367

We listened to a story about the life of  George Washington and recorded three facts we learned.100_3308

We completed patterns with coins {dimes, nickels & pennies} and practice counting each set correctly.100_3377

We measured objects with pennies.  This was probably our favorite center of the week.  I think we will be finding pennies all over our room for many weeks to come.100_3374100_3344100_3342

We also wrote about what we would do if we were the president.  Almost everybody thought it would be a good idea to cancel school all together.100_3372

We covered a log cabin shape with pattern blocks and graphed how many of each block we used.  Then we got to build our own log cabin with the Lincoln Logs.100_3366100_3378

We even read about some odd pets that lived at the White House during guided reading.  Did you know an alligator and a bear were pets of former presidents?100_3370



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i wish i could do those activities

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