Sunday, February 14, 2010

Heart Smart Kids

All week we have learning about ways to take care of our bodies.  Earlier in the week we read a book about our heart and learned that our heart is a muscle about the size of our fist.  We discussed activities that increase our heart rate and talked about the importance of exercise.  We even got to look at a model of a real heart.


On Thursday we watched a short video about the Food Pyramid and read a book about eating healthy food.  We learned about foods that give our body energy and help us grow to be strong and about foods that we like but aren’t good for us.  100_3218

We made our own food pyramid to take home so we could check to see if we are getting enough servings from each food group in our daily diet.100_3192

We also practiced sorting foods by food group on the pocket chart.100_3194

During center time we got to make our own shopping list with a food from each group that we like to eat.  Hopefully mom and dad will let us take our list to the store the next time they do the grocery shopping.100_3199

Finally during indoor recess we worked in small groups to find healthy foods from A to Z.  We had to try and think of a healthy food that began with each letter of the alphabet.100_3212 100_3214  100_3211

On Friday we read a book from the Cat in the Hat library called  Oh the Things You Can do that Are Good For You.   In the story the Cat in the Hat explains the basics of healthy living, from eating right and getting enough exercise and sleep, to having a positive body image!100_3220

Then we made a poster about living healthy!100_3221 100_3225100_3222 100_3226

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