Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Let’s Learn About Penguins

Last week we spent the week learning about penguins.  On Monday we began our penguin unit by making a list of some of the facts we already knew about penguins.  We also discussed some of the things we would like to learn during the week.  We recorded all of this information on a graphic organizer and then each day opened it up and added facts that we learned.100_2989

Throughout the week we read several books about penguins and learned many interesting facts.   100_2987 100_2988100_2986To finish up the week we made our very own penguin shaped books on Friday and wrote about some of the things we learned.  We tried to remember to put spaces between our words, begin each sentence with a capital letter and end each sentence with a punctuation mark.  A few of us are still having trouble with the mechanics of writing a sentence but nobody had any trouble coming up with penguin facts.100_2991 100_2993 100_2994 100_2995 100_2996 100_2997

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