Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Penguin Centers & Desk Work

This week we are learning about penguins at school.   All week we have been doing penguin themed centers and making penguin art projects.100_2958

We have used penguin counters to solve subtraction problems using our double ten frames.100_2959

Covered a penguin shape with pattern blocks and graphed how many of each shape we used.100_2940

Unscrambled sentences about penguins.100_2932

Matched sets of antonyms.100_2926

Matched sets of        contractions.100_2930

Listened to stories about penguins.100_2928

And continued to work on sorting short a and long a words.100_2960

Today we worked as a class to write super sentences about penguins.  We began by brainstorming a list of words on the board and recording them on a graphic organizer.100_2963  Then we used our list of words to help us write sentences about penguins.  We also drew a picture to go with each sentence.   100_2964

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