Sunday, January 24, 2010

Snowman Projects

It was so fun to return to school after Christmas break and see all the adorable snowmen everyone made with their families.  They have been decorating our portion of the hallway for the last few weeks and today we finally took them down and sent them home.  For those of you who weren’t able to come by our classroom here’s a little peek at all of the snowmen created by our class.  100_3006 100_3015 100_3016 100_3017 100_3018 100_3019 100_3020 100_3021 100_3023 100_3024 100_3025 100_3026 100_3027 100_2998 100_2999 100_3000 100_3001 100_3003 100_3004 100_3005

We also did snowman themed centers this week.  Some of the skills we worked on were:  ordering numbers from least to greatest (0-100), sorting short i and long i words and sound spelling them, matching sets of rhyming words, writing sentences using correct capitalization and punctuation, counting sets of coins (pennies, nickels & dimes), covering a snowman shape with pattern blocks, graphing and writing and solving addition and subtraction problems.100_3009 100_3011 100_3035 100_3036 100_3039  100_3042 100_3045

We also worked hard on a writing project that I will share with all worked hard to use details in our writing and concentrate on applying all of the spelling strategies we have learned as well as proper use of capital letters and punctuation marks.    100_3043  100_3031100_3028100_3037100_3038100_3032

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