Sunday, October 9, 2011

Octo-Bear FUN

This past week we welcomed October with some Octo-Bear themed fun.  All week long we did teddy bear themed activities to reinforce many of our first quarter skills. 

In math we worked with a partner to solve teddy bear math problems.  We took turns rolling a dice to find out how many bears were on the top and bottom of the bunk bed.  Then we added the teddy bears together to find out how many bears were on the bunk bed in all.


We used Gummy Bears to create our own addition math problems.CIMG2560   CIMG2562CIMG2561   CIMG2565

We also used Teddy Grahams to find all of the combinations for 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 & 10.CIMG2576   CIMG2577CIMG2579

We read lots of great bear themed books throughout the week.  Here were a few of our favorites . . .

On Monday we read The Very Cranky Bear and then did an activity where we had to recall what each animal gave the bear to cheer him up. 


We also read The New Bear at School and did a writing activity to go with it.  First we brainstormed a list of things a bear might do if he came to our school.


Then we used our graphic organizes to help us create a book of our own about a bear that goes to school.  We worked hard to write complete sentences and add details to our writing. CIMG2569CIMG2572

On Friday we read I Lost My Bear.  Then we became bear detectives and created our own book about all the places we might look if we lost our favorite teddy bear.  Everyone did such a great job using capital letters and punctuation marks.

CIMG2588   CIMG2589

On Friday we brought our own teddy bears from home.CIMG2596

We paired up with a friend and used a Venn Diagram to compare how our bears were the same and different.


We also made bear sentence wheels and practiced writing “Beary” good sentences.CIMG2590CIMG2592


dbturner said...

Purchased this unit and used it last week as well. My kids loved the literature and activities. I love your literature packets and hope to see many more!

Anonymous said...

I purchased this unit and LOVE it! I just have one question- where can I find the bear sentence wheel? Is it included in another literacy packet? Thanks so much.

madefor1stgrade said...

Thank you so much for your positive comments. The bear sentence sheel is something that we found years ago in an Evan-Moore booklet. We haven't been able to find anymore so you may notice that we have created some of our own to use throughout the year with various themes we teach.

Anonymous said...

I am a first grade teacher and love your printables and ideas. Where did you get these resources from?

Emma @ My Book Corner said...

This is a great resource, we've provided a link to you from our webpage. The Very Cranky Bear is the featured story of Australia's National Simultaneous Story Time, so this is perfect. Thanks for sharing!