Saturday, August 20, 2011

Color Day FUN {Yellow & Green}


On Thursday morning we had another color monster waiting on our desk for us when we arrived.  We also worked more independently to finish the writing prompt on the back side of our paper about something that is yellow.

   DSCN5500 DSCN5501 DSCN5502

The first yellow book we read was In My New Yellow Shirt by Hideko Takahashi.  Then we made a class book about all the things we could be in our yellow shirts.  What great imaginations we have!!!yellow shirt

Then we  learned the importance of being yourself and making good choices with the story Dandelion by Don Freeman. We also made a cute yellow lion art project.DSCN5511

The last yellow book we read was Gus the Bus by Olga Cossi.  Then we made a bus art project and did our first big descriptive writing project.  gus the bus green 

On Friday for “Green Day” we began by reading a great describing book called The Aminal by Lorna Balian. That’s right . . . it’s really spelled that way!!!  DSCN5526

After reading a few pages we stopped and drew pictures to predict what we thought the “aminal” looked like.  Then after we finished the story we drew a picture and wrote a sentence about what the “aminal” really was.  DSCN5527   

We also read Little Blue and Little Yellow by Leo Leoni and did a yummy color mixing activity with icing that I’m sure you heard all about. We began with the primary colors and experimented mixing them together to make the secondary colors.  A few of us even experimented little blue and yellowAnother one of our favorite green stories was  Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss.  After we read the funny rhyming story we made a class book by writing about a green food we would not like to eat.DSCN5528

We ended the day by unscrambling a sentence about something that is green

 DSCN5529 DSCN5530DSCN5531

As you can see we have had a very fun and busy first week of school!!!


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