Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Color Day FUN {Red & Blue}


On Tuesday we began the first of our color days.  As soon as we arrived we had a red monster on our desk to color.  Then on the back we practiced writing the word red three times using our neatest handwriting.  We also wrote a sentence and drew a picture about something that is red.


The first story we read was The Little Red Hen.  After we listened to the story we had to color and cut out four pictures from the story.  Then we sequenced them in the correct order to retell the story.little red hen

We also read a slightly different version of the story called The Little Red Hen Makes A Pizza  and used a Venn Diagram to compare the similarities and differences between the two stories.


We also read Clifford the Big Red Dog and made a Clifford art project to take home.cliffordblue

This morning we began the day by coloring another funny blue monster.  Then we worked together to make a list of thing that are blue.   We also wrote a sentence about something that is blue and drew a picture.

DSCN5481 DSCN5478

The first blue story we read was Blueberries for Sal.  In the story little Sal goes with her mom to pick blueberries.  They cross paths with a mother bear and her cub who are looking for blueberries too.  After wandering off the young ones trail off behind the wrong mother.  Luckily they find their own mothers at the end of the story.  After we read the story we drew a picture to show WHO was in the story, WHERE the story took place and WHAT the characters were doing in the story.  We also practiced counting sets of blueberries.

blueberries for sal

After lunch we read  Dear Mr. Blueberry.  This is a story about a little girl named Emily who thinks she sees a whale living in the pond outside her window.  She writes a series of letters to her teacher, Mr. Blueberry, asking for information about whales.  After the story we made a blue whale art project of our own.

 DSCN5494 DSCN5497




Mrs. Saoud said...

It is clear your kids are having FUN while learning. Great read alouds and Fantastic Crafts!

Primary Graffiti

kimberly said...

love your monster coloring sheets. Where did you find them?

I would love to get them.