Sunday, March 6, 2011

Our Lucky Day

Friday was our “Lucky Day”. 

All day long we did activities that were centered around the theme of {LUCK}. 

Here we are showing off our “Lucky Headbands”.   DSCN4353   To get us started we read Fluffy’s Lucky Day by Kate McMullan.  Then we did a little pre-writing activity to get us thinking about what might happen to us if we had a lucky day just like Fluffy.  Everyone had to finish the writing prompts about what they would eat, find, play, see, get and have on their Lucky Day.


   Then we divided into small groups and shared our ideas.DSCN4346

  Next, we turned our ideas into a book and wrote complete sentences about four events that would happen to us if we had our {Luckiest Day Ever}.  It was so much fun to read each child’s book.

  DSCN4352DSCN4350 DSCN4351 

Before heading to lunch we read a story called Lucky Tucker by Leslie McGuirk about a dog named Tucker who had a very lucky day.  Then we wrote stories about a lucky day we have really had.

DSCN4356DSCN4360   DSCN4361 DSCN4362 DSCN4363 DSCN4364

During math we even did a lucky lesson.  We did a little research to try and prove that there are more green clover shaped marshmallows in a box of Lucky Charms than any other shape.


We began by dividing our box of Lucky Charms cereal into 22 bowls. Then we sorted the marshmallows by shape and recorded how many of each kind we had.

   DSCN4372 DSCN4368 DSCN4367DSCN4369    DSCN4373 DSCN4374

Next we graphed how many of each shape we had and used our graph to answer some questions.DSCN4382  Finally we combined all of our data and made a class tally mark chart to see if we had more clovers than any other shape.  Unfortunately we ended up with a few more rainbows. DSCN4383


absees123s said...

Hi there! Found your blog through a post on Pinterest and LOVE it! I was just wondering if you have the Lucky Charm items for sale or could you point me in the direction where I might find them, lol. I'll be more than glad to purchase, as it's wonderful! Hope to hear from you!

Brandi Ronneburger said...

I was wondering, too, if you have any of your materials available. You have wonderful ideas!

Anonymous said...

Wow! You have great writing materials. Could I get a copy of the Lost and Found items for the story Lost? Do you sell items anywhere? I've loved everything I've seen.
Thanks so much.

Hadar said...

I would love a copy of "my lucky day" worksheet if you have it!


sarah said...

If you are giving out your cereal math work sheet, I would love a copy!

Anonymous said...

Hi there! I too am wondering if your worksheets are available anywhere? I would love the "All the Luck" to do with my little ones.

Thanks so much!

DanelleR said...

Amazing Work! I know my students would love almost everything you have created! If you are willing to share any of your gems we would LOVE to be the lucky recipiants!
Thanks so much!

Anonymous said...

I just found your blog recently. I too would love a copy of your Lucky Charms activity and my lucky day writing page. Thanks for sharing your fun ideas! :)

Mary Vo said...

I am in love with you Lucky Day theme day and all the of the activities. I was wondering if you had your creations on sale for purchase or would be able to share the actvities.

Thank you so much!

Mrs. Morrow said...

Is your "All the Luck" sheet available to download or purchase?

Anonymous said...

I was wondering where I could purchase or download these fabulous activities? I'm bummed the day has passed, but would love it for next year. Please let me know.
Thanks so much!