Saturday, February 26, 2011

All About Teeth

This past week we learned all about how to take care of our teeth.  We even did an “Eggs-citing” experiment with an egg and vinegar.  We soaked an egg in vinegar overnight to see what happens to the enamel on our teeth when we don’t take care of it.  Hopefully your 1st grader told you all about what happened to the egg.


We did LOTS and LOTS of writing this week, too!!! 

Here’s a peek at cute little book we made about brushing our teeth.  Everyone did a great job sequencing the pictures and writing complete sentences. 


Several of the writing activities we did throughout the week went along with some popular {dental themed} children’s literature.  This was one of our favorite and funniest stories!!!  It was by one of my favorite authors . . . Robert Munsch.  In the story Andrew has a loose tooth.  Both of his parents, the dentist, and even a motorcycle-riding Tooth Fairy try to help him get rid of his loose born tooth, but his tooth just won’t come out.   When there seems to be no solution, some pepper takes care of the problem by causing a big sneeze.  After we read the story everyone had to recall four characters and what they did to help Andrew with his loose tooth.  DSCN4239DSCN4242

Our best writing of the week {and maybe the entire year} involved retelling the story of Arthur’s Loose Tooth.  They turned out so great I had to hang them up in the hallway.  DSCN4244 DSCN4246DSCN4248DSCN4254


I’ve got LOTS more to post . . . but I keep getting an error message from Live Writer. 

Check back tomorrow for more pictures from our week of dental themed fun!!!      


Tiffani said...

Would you mind sharing the handwriting paper with me that you used inside of the Brusha Brusha books? I love the fact that it leaves so much room for your firsties to write.

ucdgrad said...

Do you have directions for the Arthur faces? So cute!

Anonymous said...

I love your writing ideas for dental health. It is so fun to see that they tie in nicely with books we've read. Any chance you could tell me where you found the toothbrushing sequence page? Also, are you ok with me pinning a few images? :)

Deb Lovegren

Anonymous said...

I just commented anonymously but didn't leave my email... Oops!
Deb Lovegren

Mlle. Nicolaes said...

Hi there, I would also love a copy of the dentail health sequencing pages, and if you have a digital copy of the big page that says "Arthur's loose tooth" that would be fantastic as well! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Do you have a TPT store or place where you have this unit for purchase or download? These are super cute ideas I'd love to use in my classroom! Thank you!

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