Tuesday, November 16, 2010

It’s Turkey Time

Last week we had fun learning about turkeys and we did lots of turkey themed activities. 

We began the week by making a book full of turkey facts.DSCN2933  We learned that a male turkey is called a “tom” and a female turkey is called a “hen”.  Wild turkeys live in the woods.  Turkeys eat seeds, acorns, berries and insects.  Baby turkeys are called “poults”.

At centers we practiced counting by 10’s by making these cute turkey art projects. DSCN2932DSCN2934 We sorted asking and telling sentences about turkeys and wrote them using our neatest handwriting and ending each sentence with the correct punctuation mark.DSCN2919

We sorted turkeys by color and graphed them.  Then we wrote and solved turkey math problems.DSCN2920

   We solved addition problems that were printed on feathers and matched them with the correct turkey. DSCN2922 

We listened to A Turkey For Thanksgiving by Eve Bunting at the listening center.DSCN2926 DSCN2927

We played a {short o} turkey word game at guided reading.DSCN2928  

We made a sentence wheel and wrote super turkey sentences.


    We even played a card game called “Turkey Dinner” to review our sight words.DSCN2930

On Friday we wrote a silly story about a turkey.  We began by working together as a class.  We used this storyboard to plan our story.  First we thought of a name for the turkey and where our story would take place.  Then we came up with four events that would happen to our turkey in the story.  Finally we used our graphic organizer to write a story.    As you can see we wrote a very silly story!!!DSCN2996              
Everyone was very eager to begin planning and writing their own silly turkey story.DSCN2998 DSCN2999 DSCN3000DSCN3004  Here’s a peek at a few of our finished stories.  I think the graphic organizers really helped us!!DSCN3010DSCN3005DSCN3006DSCN3007DSCN3008





Anonymous said...

Hi there! I enjoy following the class projects and seeing all the children. I'm sure all the grandparents look for "their kid" as I do. I hope she's not getting camera shy! :)
Quinn's Grandma Pam

Anonymous said...

Hi! I love your flip chart with the story board! Do you have that available to share with fellow first grade teachers? :) Thanks!!!