Saturday, October 30, 2010

Harriet’s Halloween Candy

This morning we read Harriet’s Halloween Candy by Nancy Carlson.  In this story Harriett learns the hard way that sharing her Halloween candy makes her feel better than eating it all herself.  Thanks to everyone bringing a bag of candy this week we were able to share our candy with everyone in the class and use it to practice many of the math skills that we have been working on.  DSCN2779We began by taking a quick peek inside our bag and estimating how many pieces of candy we thought he had.DSCN2756DSCN2758  Then we dumped it out and counted it to find out what the actual number was.DSCN2761 DSCN2760

DSCN2762 DSCN2759

  One kiddo got really lucky . . . or he was wearing his “smarty pants” because his estimate was right.DSCN2763

We had fun sorting our candy just like Harriett did in the story.  First we sorted it by chocolate and not chocolate.DSCN2764 DSCN2765 DSCN2766 DSCN2767

Then by favorite and least favorite.      DSCN2770

Finally we sorted all of our candy by brand and graphed how many pieces we had of each.DSCN2778DSCN2774DSCN2776 DSCN2777

We finally got to enjoy a few pieces of our candy while we worked on a graphic organizer where we sequenced events from the story and wrote about the main character, setting, problem and resolution.   DSCN2781 DSCN2780

After lunch we worked one final  “Halloween” themed writing activity.  We sequenced four pictures about carving a jack-o-lantern and wrote sentences.  We tried really hard to write a complete sentence that began with a capital letter and ended with a punctuation mark.  Everyone was also encouraged to add details to their writing to make the story more interesting.

 DSCN2782 DSCN2784

Then everyone got to make a cute art project to put on the front of their book.DSCN2788 DSCN2786DJI_Spooktacular_booline_c

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Mrs McKenzie and class B4 said...

Dear Grade 1
I think your Halloween activities and your fall costumes look great.
It is only in recent years that some people in New Zealand have started celebrating Halloween, it is not a traditional celebration here.

The children in B4 all wished they could try your fun activities!

from Mrs McKenzie