Sunday, October 3, 2010


This past week we celebrated the arrival of Octo”bear”.  All week we did teddy bear themed activities. 

In math we practiced ordering teddy bears from least to greatest.DSCN2352

We used counters to find all of the Octo“bear” combinations for 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 & 10.DSCN2360DSCN2362

We also made and solved addition math problems.  First we practiced on the Promethean board.  We rolled dice to see how many bears were in each honey pot.  Then we added the numbers together.DSCN2373Then we worked with a partner to create our own honey pot addition problemsDSCN2374DSCN2375

We also made addition math problems with a partner using teddy bears and a bunk beds.  We rolled dice to see how many bears slept on the top bunk and how many bears slept on the bottom bunk. DSCN2395DSCN2390  DSCN2391DSCN2394

DSCN2388During centers we sorted short a, short i and short o words and then sound spelled them.DSCN2353 

We practiced counting sets of tens and ones and matched each set with honey pots. DSCN2356

We sorted teddy bears by color and graphed how many of each we had.  Then we used our graph to determine which color we had the most of and which color we had the least of.DSCN2366

We listened to A Pocket for Corduroy at the listening center and then wrote about four things from the story that Corduroy always wanted and one thing he never wanted.DSCN2384DSCN2357












We created teddy bear patterns {AB, ABC, AAB, ABB}.DSCN2355

We also discovered a mystery picture by solving addition math problems using teddy bear counters.DSCN2365DSCN2383 

During the week we also ready several stories about our favorite teddy bear  . . . Corduroy.  We even made a Corduroy art project, sequenced pictures from the story and wrote about them and watched the movie.  DSCN2443DSCN2445DSCN2444  DSCN2442DSCN2369DSCN2370DSCN2387DSCN2381

More pictures from Friday to come . . . {we seem to be out of memory}!!!

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Do you sell these activities? I love them!!!