Sunday, April 18, 2010

Space Centers – Week 2

Here’s a peek at the fun space themed centers we did this past week in 1st grade to review many of our 4th quarter skills.

We solved addition math problems and sorted them by sums.DSCN0367

We worked with our center partner to sort words into three categories {foods, school tools, space} and then write them neatly using the lines and spaces correctly.DSCN0348

Used the mini laptops to type our special space spelling words in sentences.DSCN0346

Unscramble “starry” sentences and write them correctly using correct capitalization and punctuation marks.DSCN0349   We listened to a story about our solar system at the listening center.  It was full of information about each one of the planets we learned about this week.DSCN0355

We also put space themed words in ABC order and then wrote a sentence using each word and drew a picture to go with it.DSCN0352

We also made a flip book by ordering the planets from the sun.DSCN0350DSCN0353

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