Friday, April 9, 2010

Space Centers – Week 1

Here’s a little peek at the space centers we worked on all week. . .

Writing addition and subtraction number sentences using numbers in a number family.DSCN0257

Using the 100’s board to figure out what number was 10 more, 10 less, 1 more & 1 less.DSCN0258

  Matching pictures to the correct short & long vowel and sound spelling the words.DSCN0217

Solving addition and subtraction problems.DSCN0220

Counting sets of coins and matching them with the correct amount.DSCN0224

Unscrambling words to create a sentence about space.  Then we wrote the sentences neatly and used correct capitalization and punctuation.DSCN0221

Looking up space words in the dictionary.DSCN0252 

Listening to a story about the sun.DSCN0278

Typing sentences in Word using our spelling words.  We’ve all gotten really good at highlighting the spelling word in each sentence.DSCN0218

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