Monday, February 1, 2010

Happy Birthday Kansas

Last week we celebrated Kansas’ birthday.  We worked each day in a book and learned about all of the Kansas symbols.100_3048   

Can you name our state flower, state bird, state mammal, state reptile, state tree, state amphibian, state reptile and state insect?  If not you better ask your 1st grader because they know everything about our great state symbols!!!kansas_symbols

We read a story on Tuesday about a girl named Sal who made a quilt on the Kansas plains out of sunflowers that she planted.  Then we followed a pattern and made a class quilt.  Everyone got to make their own sunflower block.


We also got to use a map of Kansas during center time to search for cities that began with each letter in the alphabet.  100_3052    

We ended the week by making either a Jayhawk or Wildcat art project.  You’ll have to take a peek later this week at conferences to see who the favorite was!!!100_3086100_3088


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