Sunday, November 15, 2009

All About Turkeys

This week we learned lots of fun facts about turkeys.  CIMG1464

We even made a fact filled turkey book of our own.CIMG1468CIMG1467

CIMG1471   CIMG1469

At centers we used pattern blocks to cover a turkey design and then graphed how many of each color we used.CIMG1460

We read sentences and sorted them by asking or telling and rewrote each one using a capital letter and the correct punctuation mark.CIMG1472

We continued to practice putting numbers in order from least to greatest.  We are up to numbers from 1-70.CIMG1458

We solved turkey addition problems.CIMG1448

We sorted turkeys by color and graphed them.  Then we used our graph to help us solve addition problems.CIMG1453

We made a turkey art project and practiced counting by 10’s to 100 with the feathers.CIMG1454

We also made a sentence wheel to help us make and write super sentences about turkeys.  We are working very hard to write a complete sentences with capital letters and punctuation marks.                                                            CIMG1447CIMG1450


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