Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Apple Centers

This week at our apple themed centers we are working on the following skills:

Matching pairs of rhyming words and recording them on our paper in our neatest handwriting.100_2818

Rolling dice to create and solve apple seed addition  problems. 100_2833

Ordering sets of colored apples by numbers from least to greatest.      100_2837

Creating patterns using red, yellow & green apples.        100_2844

Sorting apples by color and graphing them.  Then using our graph to determine which color we had the most of and which color we had the least of.100_2839

 Unscrambling sentences using our sight words and writing them using our neatest handwriting.  We are just beginning to work on beginning each sentence with a capital letter and ending it with a punctuation mark.100_2829

Listening to a story about Johnny Appleseed and sequencing events from the story.100_2826

We have also been playing games on our new mini laptops.  They are just the right size for our little hands.           100_2830    


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Anonymous said...

Chandler's favorite center is computer's.