Monday, August 17, 2009

First Day of School

We had a fun and fast first day of school.  I hope everyone came home with a smile and told you all about our first day together.  We spent the majority of the day learning about each other and about our classroom rules.  There are so many things to remember so I’m sure it will take us a few days to get comfortable with the routines and classroom expectations but I have no doubt that everyone will do a super job. 

We didn’t make it outside this morning for a class picture like I had planned but luckily our music teacher Mrs. Straight took this picture of us this afternoon in her room. 



Jimmy Moulds said...

Thanks for the updates. Enjoyed looking at the pictures.

Reta Smith said...

A big thanks for sharing your first day of school with us. We live out of town (Topeka), so it is always exciting to see things that are going on with our grandaughter-Sydney Olson.