Friday, December 17, 2010

Our New {Improved} Santa's

Gosh we have had a fun week in 1st grade!!!  On Thursday we read {another} one of my favorite Christmas stories, A New Improved Santa by Patricia Rae Wolff.  In the story Santa is feeling fat, old-fashioned, and boring, so he decides to change his image.  Each month he makes a new improved change to himself.  In January, he goes on a diet.  In February, he starts an exercise program.  In March, he tries out a few new hair styles.  In April, he changes his clothing style.  By October, he even purchases a roaring red rocket-copter to replace his reindeer and sleigh.  But, when November rolls around, Santa unveils his new and improved self, and is sad that the children seem to hate all the changes he's made.   Luckily, Mrs. Claus helps him get back to his traditional attire in time for Christmas, and Santa learns a valuable lesson.   DSCN3352

This book taught us that a new {improved} Santa is one who is true to himself and to the spirit of Christmas.

I have to tell you in advance this may be my favorite project EVER!!! 

The kids all got to design a new {improved} Santa of their own using holiday scrapbook paper and some craft supplies we had here in the classroom.  They turned out SO cute!!!  I absolutely love watching the kids use their imaginations and create a project that is all their own!!!

 DSCN3353 DSCN3354 DSCN3355 DSCN3356 DSCN3357 DSCN3358 DSCN3359 DSCN3360 DSCN3362 DSCN3363 DSCN3364 DSCN3365 DSCN3366 DSCN3367 DSCN3368 DSCN3369 DSCN3370 DSCN3371 DSCN3372 DSCN3373 DSCN3374 DSCN3375 DSCN3376

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