Wednesday, May 12, 2010

All About Animals

It’s hard to believe that we just began our final unit of the year.  We are learning all about animals. On Monday we began by learning about what all animal need.   We also made an animal book and wrote about the ways animals are classified.DSCN0689 

On Tuesday we learned lots of fun facts about MAMMALS.DSCN0725

We wrote facts in our animal book about mammals and then drew our favorite mammal in their habitat.DSCN0698DSCN0703DSCN0700DSCN0702

We also made a cute mammal art project.DSCN0717

On Wednesday we learned about FISH.DSCN0724  DSCN0727

We learned about the four zones of the ocean and what kinds of animals live in each. {the sunlight zone, the twilight zone, the dark zone & the abyss}DSCN0731    

We also read the story of Rainbow fish and learned about the importance of sharing.  Then we got to use our watercolors to paint Rainbow and leave one fin blank to add glitter to.DSCN0736DSCN0733DSCN0729



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Emi said...

Dear Mrs. Bumgardner,

I love your blog. I was wondering where did you find the coloring page pictures of sea creatures for the ocean layer booklet. Can you recommend any good sites? Thanks so much! Your classroom is very inspiring. :)