Thursday, March 11, 2010

St. Patrick’s Day Centers

Here’s a little sneak peek at all of the fun St. Patrick’s Day centers we have been doing this week.

Playing shamrock bingo by rolling the 10 sided dice to create addition and subtraction problems and then covering our answer on our bingo card.CIMG0126  CIMG0125

Counting pieces of gold by filling in the missing numbers. CIMG0128

Adding pots of gold by counting the coins (with pennies & dimes) and adding them together.CIMG0129 

Playing Stop the Clock on our mini laptops.CIMG0137

Sorting long vowel pictures and sound spelling them.CIMG0135

Putting St. Patrick’s Day words in ABC order.CIMG0140CIMG0124

Measuring objects in our classroom with pieces of gold.100_1397

Solving “lucky” math problems by picking three pieces of gold and adding them together.  We used our number lines to help us.100_1402100_1401

We’ve also stayed busy at desk work making this cute leprechaun grid art project.  It helped us review our color words.CIMG0133CIMG0139CIMG0143

We’ve practiced writing super sentences about a leprechaun with a sentence wheel that we made.  100_1378

And we’ve also been building words by using only the letters in the word LEPRECHAUN.

100_1371 100_1369

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