Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Clowning Around

On Monday night our class performed in the 1st grade music program Circus Fun.  They have all been working so hard for the past few months to learn the songs and special actions.  All of their hard work paid off because the program was spectacular.  Everyone had so much fun and looked so cute all dressed up.  Here are a few pictures I took backstage before the program.

CIMG0057 CIMG0060CIMG0058  CIMG0061 CIMG0063 CIMG0064 CIMG0066 CIMG0067 CIMG0068 CIMG0069 CIMG0070 CIMG0072 CIMG0073 CIMG0074 CIMG0076 CIMG0077 CIMG0078

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