Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Circle Stories

Before Spring Break we were learning about circle stories.  This week we are continuing our study.  We read If You Give A Pig A Pancake by Laura Joffe Numeroff in our reading book and a few of her other popular circle stories.  One of our favorites was If You Give A Mouse A Cookie.  Many of us were already familiar with this story but we had lots of fun sequencing the events and making our very own mouse art project.

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We have also read these other funny circle stories by Laura Numeroff.CIMG3287CIMG3283CIMG3286

Now that we know so much about circle stories and how they are written we are working on one of our own.  Today we began by writing a circle story as a class called If You Give A Bunny A Carrot.  Then during guided reading we began planning  our own circle story on a graphic organizer.  Tomorrow we will write our rough draft and by the end of the week we will our final copies ready to display in the hallway.  This is always a fun writing project and from what I have seen we are going to have some very good stories this year.CIMG3290CIMG3292CIMG3291

To learn more about what a circle story is click on this link to view some examples.  They are really cute!!!



Nina said...

Do you have the templates for your If you Give a Mouse a Cookie?

dbturner said...

These activities look awesome. Bought the unit from your TPT store. Can't wait to use this with my class. Great job as always!