Friday, December 4, 2009

A Sweet Week

We had another fun, fast Friday finishing up our gingerbread man activities.  This week we have read so many different versions of the story.  Here were just a few . . .

CIMG1667 CIMG1669  CIMG1752100_0912CIMG1682CIMG1751

This morning we got the chance to make our very own sweet treat at snack time.  Each one of us got a ball of gingerbread dough and rolled it out to make a gingerbread boy or girl.  It was a little tricky for some of us but they all turned out so cute. 

CIMG1721 CIMG1724CIMG1720CIMG1722 CIMG1723

We let our cookies bake and made sure not to peek inside the oven before they were done.  Then we used icing and candy to decorate them.

We finished off the day by sequencing some pictures from the “original” story and writing about the gingerbread man’s adventure.  Everyone worked so hard on their project.  We brainstormed a list of words on the board that might be in our story and then everyone got to work.  We all tried really hard to write in our neatest handwriting and remember to use capital letters and punctuation marks in every sentence that we wrote.  We also tried to use details in our writing.  Then we finished off our project by making a gingerbread boy or girl to go on the cover.

 CIMG1753 CIMG1756CIMG1754  CIMG1757  CIMG1759 CIMG1760 CIMG1758CIMG1762 CIMG1763 CIMG1768 CIMG1767

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