Thursday, December 17, 2009

Reindeer Days

We have all heard the story of Rudolph’s 1st Christmas but yesterday we got to hear all about the adventure he had the following year.  We read Rudolph to the Rescue and then made our very own Rudolph art project complete with glittery red nose.

CIMG2781CIMG2773CIMG2778CIMG2782 CIMG2775CIMG2774 CIMG2780 CIMG2776

Today we spent the day learning facts about real reindeer.  We began by brainstorming a list of things we already knew on the Promethean board and then we listed some things we would like to learn. CIMG2795  

Then we read some books about reindeer and learned many interesting facts about their antlers, what they eat, where they live, etc . . .


We also made a book with reindeer facts in it and decorated the cover to look like our favorite reindeer of all . . . Rudolph of course!!!

CIMG2784 CIMG2794CIMG2793CIMG2786CIMG2785 CIMG2791 CIMG2789 

Before lunch we even managed to write about reindeer.  We are continuing to work hard on using the lines and spaces correctly, leave spaces between our words, begin each sentence with a capital letter and end each sentence with the correct punctuation mark.

CIMG2798 CIMG2799 CIMG2800 CIMG2802CIMG2801  CIMG2803 CIMG2809CIMG2805 

After lunch we listened to one of my favorite reindeer stories, Olive the Other Reindeer.  It’s about a dog named Olive who hears on the radio that Santa is looking for “All of the Other Reindeer” and goes to the North Pole to help out.  Then we made our very own set of reindeer antlers just like the ones Santa gave Olive.  Don’t we look cute!!!

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