Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Colonial Kids

Today we learned about what life would have been like in the 1620’s for pilgrim kids.  We made a book about the kinds of chores they did, the toys they played with, the clothing they would have worn and what school was like.  We also made a Venn diagram about the similarities and differences between kids then and now.  Then we all got a little sneak peek of how we might have looked as a colonial kid.

We also got to see what our principals might have looked like.CIMG1627

We also discussed the many things the pilgrims had to be thankful for at the first Thanksgiving dinner and what we are thankful for.  Many of us were thankful for our families, houses, pets and friends.  Then we enjoyed a “finger food feast” thanks to all of the snacks everyone brought.

CIMG1654 CIMG1647 CIMG1648 CIMG1649 CIMG1661CIMG1655CIMG1656CIMG1659CIMG1658

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