Friday, September 11, 2009


Today we finished up the review of our Back To School unit and celebrated the mastery of our letter sounds by reading the story Potluck written by Anne Shelby. This story is about two children who call all of their friends and plan to have a potluck dinner. Children bring something to the dinner that begins with the first letter of their first name.  After reading the story we had a “potluck” of our own. Each child in the class brought a snack to share with everyone that began with the first letter of their first name.

Adeline brought Applesauce.

Alaney brought Animal Crackers

Chandler brought Chex Mix

Carson brought Chips Ahoy Cookies

Colin brought Cookies

Chloe brought Corn Nuts

Devon brought Donuts

Elijah brought Éclairs

Grant brought Gumballs

Garrett brought Grapes

Halle brought Honey Teddy Grahams

Julia brought Jolly Ranchers

Jami brought Jellybeans

Katie brought Kit Kats

Kellen brought Kit Kats

Lukas brought Licorice

Mina brought Marshmallows

Maddox brought M&M’s

Meg brought Marshmallows

Raulie brought Raspberries

Sydney brought String Cheese

Tanner brought Twizzlers

Wren brought Watermelon Gumballs

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