Thursday, April 9, 2009

Our Catterpillars Are Here

This week we are learning all about the lifecycle of a butterfly. Everyone was so excited when they got to school this morning to find that our real catterpillars finally arrived. Now we will get to watch the butterflies grow and change right before our very own eyes.

Here is the first glimpse at our six tiny new friends.

They arrive in a cup of food and will stay in here about 7-10 days until they form a chrysalis from the top of the lid. That is when we will carefully move them into our butterfly cage and watch them as they change into beautiful butterflies. I always like to keep the butterflies for a few days so the kids can watch them. Then we take them outside and release them. In past years we have had a little send off party. If any of you moms are interested in making butterfly decorated cookies for us let me know.

We'll post new pictures each day so you can watch our butterflies change and grow too!!!

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