Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Music Program

Wow, I still can't believe what a great music program we had tonight!!! I was so proud of everyone. What great singers and dancers we have in room 126.

Here we are on stage after the performance.

I was able to get some fun photos of the kids before we went on stage. If you have any pictures from the performance that you would like to share send them my way and I'll post them at the end of the week for everyone to see.

Emma and Sidnee being silly!

Dylan & Brock

Matthew, Preven, Carter, Alysa, Mason & Lily

Londen & Alysa

Emma, Alysa & Sidnee

Myah, Eden & Angela

Jaden, Matthew & Preven

Colby, Matthew, Cody & Jaden

Alaina, Courtney & Carl

Lexi, Alysa, Londen, Sidnee & Emma

Carter & Alexander

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