Friday, January 23, 2009

100th Day of School

Today was our 100th day of school and we celebrated all day. We began first thing this morning by reading a story called The Wolf's Chicken Stew. It is about a wolf who has a craving for chicken stew. One day he sees a chicken and is about to grab her when he decides that there would be more stew if the chicken were fatter. Each day he makes her 100 yummy snacks.

We wrote about 100 things we would like to eat and then we made our own yummy stew with the snacks everyone brought.

We colored and counted 100 objects.

We flipped a coin 100 times and recorded our results.

When we were finished recording our 100 flips we got to use a calculator to add up our total number of heads and tails to make sure our total was 100.

We also got to roll a dice 100 times and then we recorded each roll and counted how many of each number we rolled. Then we got more practice using the calculator by adding up our totals to make sure we got 100. For many of us this was the hardest activity of the day. We didn't always end up with 100 on our first count.

We made glasses shaped like the number 100.

And we made a book about the number 100.

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