Friday, December 5, 2008

Gingerbread Man Fun

Today we spent a fun filled day finishing up our gingerbread man themed activities. As soon as we arrived we listened to the story of The Gingerbread Baby by Jan Brett. In the story Mattie tries to bake a gingerbread man but he openes the oven door too soon and out jumps the gingerbread baby.

We made our own gingerbread shaped cookies. Boy were they yummy!

Then we did a big writing activity where we had to sequence events from the original version of the story and retell it in our own words. We worked very hard on using capital letters and punctuation marks correctly. Make sure you check your child's backpack tonight so you can see how hard they worked. I am very proud of how well everyone did.

After lunch we listened to the story of The Gingerbread Girl and then compared it to The Gingerbread Man. We talked about how they were different and how they were similar.

We even found time to take our spelling test.

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Nicki Albert said...

Thanks so much for setting up this blog. It is so much fun to 'peek' inside your classroom and see the wonderful things the kids are learning.