Sunday, November 7, 2010


All week we worked on many of our 2nd quarter skills by doing fun scarecrow themed activities. 

At centers we sorted words by vowel sounds (-at, –an, –op, –on)DSCN2872

We unscrambled sentences and practiced writing them using capitalization and correct punctuation marks DSCN2850 

We built short vowel words using letter tiles DSCN2853

We made colorful scarecrow art projects and hung them in the classroom.   DSCN2871

We matched sets of rhyming words and sound spelled them.DSCN2874  

We listened to The Scarecrow’s Hat by Ken Brown and did an activity about recalling details from the story.DSCN2857

We ended the week by doing a few scarecrow writing activities.  First we read a few stories about Scarecrows.  The Shy Scarecrow (Hello Reader!, Level 1)

After we read the stories we discussed how the scarecrow’s both felt at the beginning of the stories and at the end.  Then we made a list of all the other ways a scarecrow {or person} might feel.  Everyone had to pick one emotion and write their own scarecrow story.  In the story they had to tell why their scarecrow felt that way and what happened to make him feel better at the end of the story.  We also made a scarecrow art project to go with our story.DSCN2880DSCN2878DSCN2877DSCN2879DSCN2876

We used our list of emotions {describing words} one more time to write super sentences about scarecrows.  We assembled a scarecrow wheel that had action words {verbs} on one wheel and naming words {nouns} on the other wheel.  We lined them up to make some silly sentences about things scarecrows might do.  Then we wrote the sentences and drew pictures to go with them.

         DSCN2900 DSCN2898DSCN2902


Leslie said...

where did you find that cute scarecrow sentence wheel? I would love to use it for my kiddos!

casperrodz said...

Hi do you sell sentence wheels for different themes. I would love for my students to use them they are having a difficult time writing sentences.
Thanks Gladys

Christine Squire said...

Hi, Is there a link to the sentence wheel? I would love to use it.
Thank you.